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The Sportif; competitive cycling, scuba diving, racing fast cars and maintaining an autonomy and independence in motion. A sleek, streamlined impression of a body in use, evolving from the 1970s colorblocked and racing striped fluid shapes into the 80/90s tech influenced culture of reflective lenses/solar panels and bodycon materials. A statement against a sedentary future and the immobility of history, even if only symbolically and with hints of irony.

Nationalistic flag colors of red, white and blue denote teams and the palette of sponsorship with oversized exposed zippers conceding to the need for split-second movement and decision-making. Cropped lengths expose the body in its finessed mechanics, leaving the wearer uninhibited and empowered.

In referencing Duchamp’s efforts of capturing and elevating movement in Nude Descending, here too futurism is embraced with the curvilinear rounded body and the hard-edged skeletal machine framed in saturated hues as she advances

Editorial: Drake Burnette & Scott Mandonough