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P. NINA collections are designed by Peyton Sandler.  The  Venus Descent collection explores themes of transformation, shedding, and rebuilding in relation to the goddess of the ocean and the descent-ascent orbit of the planet Venus. The jewelry and objects were created during this special planetary cycle window. Informed by astronomy, ancient mythology, conchology, and meditation, this study parallels the planetary orbit of Venus with the spiraling growth patterns of shells. Pieces from this collection are formed from recycled sterling silver. The use of shell forms and precious metals merges the stars and the water.

The patterns of a planet's orbit and the spiral of a shell symbolize the cycles of nature. A shell's growth patterns reflect the environment it grew in, providing information on climate, tidal, and moon cycles. Each P.NINA Venus Descent object holds an environmental record preserved within its layers and spirals and unique textural codes. Enjoy this study of shell, planet and myth, and the homage to the goddess and planet Venus.

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