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Perfumer H

Perfumer H is unconventional with one style, one vision, and an olfactory dream.

Relentless in her pursuit to create beautiful fragrances that resonate with life and are refined and integral to her style. Lyn Harris’ uncompromised desire to pioneer naturals back into perfumery was the start of her olfactory journey. Today the effortless ease with which she uses her materials within her creations leads to olfactory landscapes that represent individuality and touch you within.

The laboratory and shop are located on Crawford Street in Marylebone, London.

Collaborating with some of the leading creatives in their field, the glassblower, the graphic designer and the architect, has led to the creation of this visionary and original brand. Classically trained British perfumer, Lyn Harris, trained in Paris and Robertet Grasse before embarking on her career working with many acclaimed brands as well as founding Perfumer H in 2015.

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