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Port Tanger

Port Tanger is a way of life and a beat that continuously goes on. Each style lends its name to a variety of sources. Mektoub— a philosophical term in Arabic—means “it is written” and serves as a wearable intention to accept destiny. Whilst Tangerine takes its name from the infamous jazz standard, and the fruit, which was named after the city itself.

With six points on each side of the frames shaped as arrows, each pair is intricately designed with Port Tanger’s values in mind. The three on the left are a reminder to appreciate the past through the pillars of nostalgia, tradition and craftsmanship, while the three points on the right are a reminder to cherish and value the present through the pillars of hope, design and culture.

Throughout history, Tangier has been a city of extremes. It’s a city that stands out by celebrating its international culture, a tireless resilience, and mediterranean vibrance. These values are reflected in the brand, as Port Tanger’s frames stand out through evocative designs, premium quality, and luxurious flair.

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