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Jamie Haller

A 20 year veteran in the Los Angeles fashion landscape, Jamie is notorious for her understated and advanced casual design sensibility. Jamie is a true multi-hyphenate creative as a long time fashion designer, a historic home restorer, interior designer and shoe designer. Always inspired by the gravities of her affection, Jamie seeks to perfect the nude slipper. Found in a Rajashtani market, this shape stole her heart as the
ultimate spiritual slipper. As a Southern California native, her lifestyle steeped in casual ease, dictates her desires for comfort and inspiration above all else.

In the Tuscan countryside, outside of Florence, her shoes are handmade in an old Dior Atelier by artisans and shoemakers that have been crafting shoes in the Italian sacchetto construction technique for 100 years. This technique elevates the look and feel of the shoe, creating a glove like fit. This bespoke construction offers the ultimate in softness, comfort, flexibility and breathability.

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