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10.03.53 is a young independent brand composed of a diverse, creative, and thoughtful team. Small gestures translate to big ideas and innovative changes.  Supported by “Les Ateliers de Paris”,  an artist incubator in the city of Paris. 

10.03.53 practices upcycling by buying luxury leather leftovers and not participating in new polluting processes. Reducing the amount of metal pieces and practicing small series production, help eliminate waste and the need for seasonal sales. 10.03.53 honors artisan's work and craftsmanship.  Research and development are at the core of their design process.  Each bag reflects an organic look and adapts to the human form. Innovation in the use of materials include concrete and paper.

10.03.53's collections are made with love and care in the most experienced workshops located in Tunisia and Italy. Their production partners, with more than 300 highly skilled craftspeople, work with the best French luxury and premium brands. All products are made in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

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