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Third Reasons

Third Reasons is a one-woman show. Oksana Bevz is a self-taught jewelry designer from Donetsk, Ukraine and based in Los Angeles, CA. With a background in interior design, her work is inspired by furniture, architecture and objects we are surrounded by daily. 

Her work shows strengths by imaginative use of materials.

“There is nothing precious about these objects; they are bold statements that are skillfully handcrafted”.

Each piece is produced in a limited quantity using the most ancient lost wax technique. The process begins by carving a design out of wax, then casted in a chosen metal by local factories, followed by hand sanding and polishing. Since silver and brass have the tendency to tarnish, she embraces this natural process by not plating the jewelry with any metal coatings. With the intention being that the most beautiful things continue to look better with wear and age.

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