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Expectations dictate our lives in so many ways. There is an inherent authority and danger to the process; fulfilling roles can be dangerous, if not deadly, behavior.

In the ancient Middle East, something unexpected or seemingly chaotic was welcomed as a weapon in combatting the looming devil. Monotony and the path-well-traveled are the enemy, allowing us to be predictable, easily lead and influenced. Inversely, we can proactively use surprise, fantasy and experimentation to break and even exceed expectations.

Clothing reflects our mood as culture and it it a time for clever irreverence and to ask questions: can a skirt be a top? can a tshirt become outerwear? can you surprise yourself?

The mix and match fall collection has an intentional discursive styling, palette and print coordination, based on vintage inspired fabrics and multiple decades of influences... The perfect tweed trench from the 1940s layered with a favorite raincoat picked up while traveling, and that pair of 90s pleated pants you never gave back to your friend.

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