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May 2019 "Sunz Out" Playlist

A discursive trail of songs to get you through the day

1. Big Youth "Messiah Garvey" 2. Soap&Skin "Mawal Jamar" 3. Laraaji "I can Only Bliss Out (F'Days) 4. Ranking Dread "Bom Dub" 5. Grateful Dead "Fire On The Mountain" 6. The War On Drugs "I was there" 7. Alex G (Sandy) "Brick" 8. Gil Scot Heron "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" 8. Yellow Days "A Little While" 9.  Johnnie Frierson "Have You Been Good To Yourself" 10. King Krule "Portrait In Black and Blue" 11. Mount Kimbie "Carbonated" 12. The War On Drugs "Baby Missiles" 13. Leonard Cohen "Lover Lover Lover"




August 2019 "Mixed Emotions" Playlist

Take it easy, take it hard.

1. The Durutti Column "Otis"  2.Gang Gang Dance "Vacuum"  3.The Manhattans "Kiss And Say Goodbye" 4. Gang Gang Dance "Infinity 1"  5. Sonny Sharrock "Who Does She Hope To Be?"  6. The Cleaners From Venus "Tukami (Monday Is Grey)"  7. Vels Trio "Godzilla"  8. Connan Mockasin "Charlotte's Thong"  9. WIngs "Let Em In"  9. Tibor Szemzo "Pleasure Boat"  10. Rhythm & Sound "Mango Drive"  11. The Durutti Column "Sketch For Summer"  12. Fairport Convention "Autopsy"  13. Connan Mockasin "Momo's"  14. Arthur Russell "I Couldn't Say It To Your Face"  15. The Durutti Column "Requiem For A Father"  16. John Lennon "Mother" 


October 2019 "Easy Easy Easy" Playlist

Set it Free.

1. Jerusalem In My Heart "Lau Ridyou Bil Hijaz" 2. Massive Attack "Radiation Ruling The Nation (Protection)" 3. Mulata Astatke "Tezeta" 4. Boards Of Canada "A Moment of Clarity" 5. Mount Kimbie "Maybes" 6. Chicago Underground Quartet "Four In The Morning" 7. Aphex Twin "Flim" 8. Boards Of Canada "Into The Rainbow Vein" 9. Roots Radic Band "The Son of Darth Vadar" 10. The Orb "Little Fluffy Clouds"  11. Beny More "Conoci LA Paz" 12. Aphex Twin "Iz Us" 13. Mulata Astatke "Ene Alanchie Alnorem" 14. The Cinematic Orchestra "And Relax!" 15. Boards Of Canada "Constants Are Changing" 16. Keith Hudson "Depth Charge" 17. Bo Hansson "Waltz At Dawn" 18. Mount Kimbie "William" 19. John Lennon "Hold On"


December 2019 "Transitions" Playlist

It's Changing All The Time.

1. Moondog "Dance Rehearsal" 2. Palatine "Ecchymose" 3. Moondog "To A Seahorse" 4. Mount Kimbie "Ruby" 5. Moondog "Caribea" 6. Portishead "Strangers" 7. The Smiths "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" 8. Stereolab "Refractions In The Plastic Pulse" 9. Moondog "Oo Debut" 10. Jay Daniel "1001 Nights" 11. Moondog "Birds Lament" 12. Mount Kimbie "Made To Stray: 13. Boards Of Canada "In The Annexe" 14. Sun Ra "Rocket Number 9" 15. KhruangBin "With All The World" 16. Pan Sonic "Kuu" 17. Aretha Franklin "I Say A Little Prayer" 18. Moondog "Tap Dance"


March 2020 "Subtle Ways" Playlist

Hear The Raindrops

1. Alejandra Pizarnik "John Hassell" 2. Enzzi "Alberto Balsalm Cover" 3. John Hassell "Timeless" 4. Nina Simone "Sinnerman Live in New York 1965" 5. John Hassell "Pastorale Vassant" 6. Void "X Factor" 7. Girl Pusher "Grow Up" 8. Matmos "The Banjo's Categorical Gut" 9. Bex "You" 10. Heith "Eva 2" 11. Steely Dan "Sign In Stranger" 12. Dusty Olms "Beneath Sound" 13. Queen Elephantine "Onyx" 14. Aphex Twin Bootleg "Alberto Balsalm" 15. Heith "Yoga Of Stealth" 16. John Hassell "Nature Boy" 17. Yltcu "Cookies" 18. Mount Kimbie "Fallout: 19. Pole "Tanzen"


April 2020  "Thoughts On Love & Beauty"

Samples of interviews from Ayn Rand, David Bowie and more set against field recordings taken in the US over the last year