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When does the work end and the play begin? At what point do they overlap, when does one become the other?  We value our work ethic and cherish our vacations, but can the two coexist? Can everyday be a vacation? and an occasional trip to the islands be work? Can Marcel Duchamp be president?

By layering tanktops leftover from summer’s escapades over starch white business shirts, the boundaries are blurred. Mens tuxedos soft-tailored from athletic stretch twills represent the blend of late hours at the office and late hours after the party.  The diagonal stripes and uniforms from construction zones retrofitted into womens coveralls and dresses. Nearly comical eyewear, jewelry, and bright leather accoutrements act as signals that we should not take ourselves too seriously and leave space for the ambiguous

areas of life where work and play, art and commerce, can exchange.