Roberto Collina has been telling his story of Made in Italy excellence for over 60 years, thinking, creating and making all his knitwear-based collections in Italy.  Today, more than ever, he celebrates the quality, design, product process and panache of his jumpers that have written and still write a significant part of Italian pret à porter history, creating a new frontier in Made in Italy style.

A world-renowned family brand that started out in a small knitwear workshop with connected school, managed by the Collina family, where innovative machines were used to create the first jumpers for the German and North European markets soon after the Second World War. The small workshop soon became the harmonious centre of an area that was changing its production vocation to become the heart of Italian knitwear system. Amidst technological innovations and creative twists that led the company to work on commissions for important Italian fashion houses, in the early 1980s, the young Roberto Collina, the founders’ son, decided to lend his name to a capsule collection of 10 men’s jumpers that were presented at Pitti Uomo. This hailed the company’s official debut in the international fashion world.  From this moment on, the success of this brand that encapsulates contemporary artistic ideas with authentic heritage was consolidated, turning it into a pret à porter brand that focused on quality, beauty and continuous research.  In 1990, Roberto Collina launched his first women’s collection and the brand – which up to that moment had been a synonym of male fashion – also transmitted the poetic style and exceptional quality of Italian production in its feminine essence too. The Made in Italy concept is found in a high-bracket product, characterised by the use of quality materials and noble fibres – mohair, cashmere, 'alpaca, 'angora, camel hair, super-light merino wool, silk and ice cotton-, respecting his own craftsman origins and each season interpreting the sector’s trends.

With its true balance between tradition and modernity, Roberto Collina summarises its character in its collections, with experiments where the synergy leads to an idea of pure style in the lines, but which is sophisticated and complex in its actual realisation. The beauty that guides the brand’s signature is a sophisticated, sensitive one that translates into an elegant stance, raising simplicity to a state of purity, and reducing luxury to essentiality. The heart of this company’s style can be seen in the heritage of its manufacture and the historical expertise of design, onto which is grafted, in the full meaning of the word, an innovative sense of aesthetics that places the emphasis on the quality of production.  There is a long period of research and realisation behind each garment, which the company follows through each step of production – from choosing the materials to developing the collections – supervising the work of satellite laboratories present in the area and the entire production process, to create excellence. Alongside this is constant research guided by the emotional side of the product and the history that be felt in each item as knitwear is versatile and continuously evolving: it starts with a yarn and can express creativity by following the infinite possibilities of potential, which contain the past and drive towards the future.