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ELLISS is a London-based label created and designed by Elliss Solomon – launched in June 2016.

Elliss graduated from Central St Martins with a degree in Womenswear Fashion Design. The brand was born out of a desire to create clothing using conscious design methods and minimal waste.

They use soft, natural fabrics, from organic cotton to hemp and bamboo. These fibres are light, breathable and kind to your skin as well as low impact to the earth and the creatures that live on it. They work with two small manufacturers. One of their manufactures in London based, in fact they share a building in Hackney. This means they can be very involved in all aspects of making. The second manufacturer they work with is a family run establishment in Slovenia where all offcuts and threads are recycled into mattress fillers and insulation. All employees are paid a fair wage and the factory ensure paid expenses, 24 holiday days a year, paid sick days and statutory 1 year maternity leave. They also work with an amazing printer in The Netherlands, where ELLISS prints are made using GOTs certified non toxic dyes onto Organic Cotton.

They work hard to ensure that we minimise the impact our clothes have on the earth before they arrive to your door.

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