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Plus Magazine is a biannual publication that explores creativity with emerging and established artists. The brand articulates on publishing meaningful journalism and timeless storytelling about inspiring individuals. From its inception, Plus has presented stories for the the people we love, the communities we serve, and the world we share.

Each issue features a diverse array of marquee creatives, with mixture of essays, interviews and works, maximizing the quality of both writing and design. Plus cultivates on ensuring art remains at the center of the mission, and going against the commercial concerns, precisely to ensure that artists’ work is prized above all else.

In this issue:

In our second issue, we explore the theme of Presence.

We learn how technology has changed the world of photography from pioneering photographer Albert Watson. A profile of Cas Holman and Kwangho Lee introduces the importance of curiosity and time. The works by Ha Chong Hyun depict the time of his past and present and the conversation with painter Bernard Frize leads to why he believes the time is visible in all extents.

Additionally, we discuss with rising talents such as Danielle Orchard, Jean Francois Le Minh, Aba Mfrase-Ewur, O3ohn, and Melissa Schriek about their work and reveal their never-shown oeuvres dedicated to this issue.

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