Bad Hombre - Book 02

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Fashion for the thinking man.

Talk about baptism with fire: Yalitza Aparicio Martínez never aspired to fame, to an acting career or to being an Oscar nominee while making up speeches in the mirror. At this point we all know the story of the young woman from Tlaxiaco with two jobs that went to a casting because her sister couldn't because of her pregnancy and ended up with the lead in the most important Mexican film in years. The moment could not be better: Hollywood is one of the few spaces that has not surrender a bit to Donald Trump and his ridiculous wall, and latino visibility is the standard of it. Yalitza Aparicio is the face of millions of us. Yalitza is proud to be one: she loves being Mixtec and Oaxacan and Mexican; She is aware that her media presence resonates for many people as the dream she never dared to dream but now lives in a tornado of press and red carpets and racist offenses on social media. "What I learned from me is that I am capable of doing things that I never thought possible," Yalitza tells me at one point in our hasty conversation while she gets her hair and make up done and think of how many times we think we have pushed ourselves to the limit of what we believe ourselves capable of without really going there. Yalitza's circumstance is the most extraordinary and fascinating, from the audition process to the prom of this entire business: the Oscars. A week before the photos, Yalitza had received her nomination for Best Actress within a coup of 10 general nominations for the film, so we talked about it...

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