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Vere Verto

VereVerto is Paige Smith and Consuelo Chozas. Their handbags are born out of their designer Paige's experience while biking around San Francisco’s pockmarked and trolleyed streets. Paige spent years dreaming up a solution to her bedeviled commute, but it took moving to Los Angeles, a fashion melting pot for her ideas to take shape. There she met Consuelo, the fireball Argentine-American entrepreneur who knows the business of leather like the back of her hand.

Paige’s design philosophy is ever-present in this handbag collection—stripped down to essentials, VereVerto designs celebrate detail, flawless functionality and, most of all, vehement rejection of frill. Consuelo travels the world over in search of the best of the best, such as ancient tanneries in the Spanish Castilla region and boisterous manufacturing workshops in Southern Spain.

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