Tony Malmed Jewelry is designed and made by hand in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Each piece is one of a kind and crafted from rare, precious, ethically mined gems of the highest possible quality, set in repurposed gold and silver. 

Tony traveled through and traded in twenty-five countries by the time he was twenty-seven. He saw the ancient ways in which jewelry was made, and adopted these practices into his own work. His forty-five years of travel and meditation continue to infuse and inform the aesthetic properties of his collections. The proportions, the textures, and the exquisite play of colors in his pieces draw from the beauty and mystique of places like India, Afghanistan, Italy, and Japan—and from the understanding that truth is beauty and beauty is truth.

The jewelry is comprised of repurposed 18kt gold and sterling silver and stones of the highest quality, including moonstones, Australian opals, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and tourmalines of different shades and colors, American turquoises, Afghani lapis, and sugilite from the Kalahari, and rare materials like native copper, black slate with pyrite inclusions, and opals that formed in petrified trees millions of years ago and were left as close to their natural states as the jewelry making process allows for them to be.

Tony Malmed Jewelry is a private, family-owned and run company now managed and directed by Tony's daughter, Alexandra Malmed. The jewelry has been sold almost exclusively in Santa Fe for over thirty years, and is available now for the first time online and in stores globally.