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Percy Lau

Percy Lau was originally aiming to become a fashion designer when she started her studies in Central Saint Martins College in London. Instead, her talent in jewellery design won favor from the tutors, thus leading her to the road of becoming a jewellery and accessory designer.

Lau’s designs became known to the wide public when her first official collection for sale, disORGANIZED, appeared in articles of, MSN News and blogs in 2012. This lead to a sudden rise in Lau’s recognition and popularity, and soon her designs sold through her personal on-line shop received many orders from all around the world. Winning the Accessories Department of International Talent Support Awards in 2013 pushed Lau’s fame onto a whole new level. Instead of being mentioned in only on-line news articles and blogs, her works began to make appearances in world-class fashion magazines, such as Vogue IT, Another, Dazed & Confused, Hunger Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar China, and so on. 

With the tremendous success, Lau felt encouraged to set up her own brand. Paying great care on innovation and the materials selection, she believes that every collection will surprise.

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