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O, A and S are the three initials of the founder's name (Oliver Adam Sebastian). The brand was born during his numerous trips to the family summer home in Barcelona. It all started with Oliver continuously supplying his friends with the rare product of espadrilles, which until 2010 couldn’t be found in all of Scandinavia. The espadrilles were soon joined by swimwear, and OAS grew into the resort brand it is today - established in countries worldwide to provide the brand's customers with year-round vacation wear.

The OAS journey encompasses not only the products but also the people surrounding the brand. As a demand-driven label, we work closely with our manufacturers and family businesses to ensure that our garments are of the high quality we expect of ourselves and that our customers expect of us. OAS was founded as a reaction to the Swedish winter, and with a determination to create unique, coveted resort wear that exudes vacation nostalgia. We design with the intention for our garments to last a lifetime—Timeless for the creative soul and beyond trends, with quality being our top priority.

“I want our customers to trust us when it comes to sustainability, inclusivity, and responsibility, that we do the best in interest for our brand and our customers as well – and while pushing these boundaries also keeping the brand interesting and ever-evolving.” – Oliver Lundgren, CEO, and founder of OAS.

With a clear core and distinct aesthetic, the brand expands into a universe of creativity and new thinking. Drawing inspiration from art, architecture, and people in the international creative scene, OAS pieces are linked to good memories of your vacation.

There are no products currently available. If you'd like to be notified for new arrivals from the brand, please email and we'll let you know as soon as they're in!


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