Founded in 2015 by New York native Gina Esposito, Nu Swim is a swimwear and lifestyle brand that crafts pieces that favor construction, materials and simplicity.

Their aim is to create sustainable, timeless pieces made with regenerated synthetics (swim) and natural (non-swim) materials that can be worn as an uncomplicated second skin. They don’t believe in swimming seasons, and hope their customers create some sort of adventure in finding a place to swim, no matter the time of year.
At the core, Nu Swim is committed to sustainability, whether that means making classic high-quality garments that can be worn season after season, or in the sourcing of their swim fabrics, that to date are 100% derived from regenerated materials. Nu Swim is 100% designed and manufactured in the United States with swim fabrics from Italy and non-swim fabrics from Japan. In their production, the swim fabrics emit 0% pollution into the atmosphere. This philosophy expands to the packaging and shipping, where they use either acid-free tissue paper or clear bio-degradable bags.