A third-generation American manufacturer, co-founder Joe Lotuff has always believed that creating superior-quality goods fosters success and dignity. A de-emphasis on handcrafted items in a digital age coupled with the ubiquity of disposable products prompted Joe to create a company that could contemporarily celebrate artful craftsmanship. With items distinguished by timeless, understated designs, an uncompromising dedication to the best materials and construction, and a steadfast promise to do everything here in America, Lotuff Leather was born. 

It started small through a partnership with a talented team on the Connecticut coast. After some time, Joe and creative director Lindy McDonough, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, expanded Lotuff by opening an in-house design studio and workshop in Providence, Rhode Island. Here, in a previously dormant, beautiful brick studio, they work collectively to master their craft, expand offerings, and support classic New England manufacturing.

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