Hardeman is a Dutch-based genderless denim brand created by designer Sophie Hardeman. Based in Amsterdam, Hardeman’s designs encapsulates an of-the-moment perspective traditional and industry-standard workwear. Having graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s fine arts and fashion program in 2015, Sophie Hardeman works with Americana-inspired textiles such as pinstripe, tie-dye, and gingham. By the time she was 27, Sophie Hardeman had set up a denim studio in Amsterdam, as well as a boutique in 2018. Her clothes became successful in Amsterdam, where her first collections were presented at Van Ravenstein. Since then, the Hardeman label has reached global proportions—with shows in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris.

The Hardeman label is known for its flirtation with American iconography and denim history alongside one-of-a-kind garments; exploring materiality and minimalism with deconstructed allure. Creating expressive clothes that pulse with edgy and sincere energy, Hardeman became famous for its refined designs, its gender-defying denim collections, and its exploration of the myths of mass culture.