CHIYOME studio's clean and minimalist perspective manifests through sharp lines, subtle color relationships and smart proportions. The company is committed to generating pieces that grow more beautiful with time and are the product of thoughtful engagement with the environment. In focusing on the careful selection of harmonious materials, the CHIYOME studio takes care to present small collections of items that speak the same visual language.All CHIYOME products are proudly designed and manufactured in New York City, making use of primarily American materials. Each of our products has been passed through many hands, and the CHIYOME studio believes it is essential to maintain ethical standards in all stages of product development.CHIYOME has firm aesthetic roots in the Japanese ancestry of its designer, Anna Lynett Moss, who founded the studio in 2012. The name belonged to her great-grandmother and is the first of three generations of CHI names in her family: Chiyome, Chiyeko, Chiyo.