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They love to walk. They are fascinated by the landscape and are pulled along by their own curiosity, as they discover new plants, uses and properties in every walk they take. They do every phase of production with artisanal values, with everything done manually. Combining tradition with their own drive towards experimentation, risk-taking and intuition. Conservation of the landscape is an essential matter. For this reason, they have designed an exclusive protocol of sustainable harvesting to ensure all plants might continue to thrive on the land, keeping the natural environment in balance. The production is limited as well. They do not do any sort of testing on animals, and all their facilities operate with renewable energy. Bravanariz products only use local products from the Empordà region. They are constantly discovering new and surprising plant species. Sustain that what is exotic is what is here. They also work with local producers, collaborating on shared projects such as in sustainable apiculture and ecological viniculture, activating the local economy and strengthening social bonds.

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