Trained at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris, where she was born and raised, Annelise started out working in fashion design, for such companies as Vanessa Bruno, Paul & Joe and Hermès. But the seductive qualities of jewelry, and the intimacy of it, how it takes on such personal meaning to every woman who wears it, ultimately appealed to her more. The sensuality of wearing a bold metal bracelet, monumental chain necklace or one of Annelise’s carnivore earcuffs, how they hug the skin, is matched by the process of their creation. Although she was trained to sketch, Annelise feels her way through each piece, molding, sculpting and hand-stitching to create collections that live in her mind for months and years like obsessions before they are produced. Annelise’s pieces are all hand made out of 100% French materials, in limited quantities in her atelier in the Marais in Paris, and through a network of carefully vetted artisans throughout Paris.