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Designer and for­mer his­to­rian Randi Mates' gor­geous line of jew­elry mix­es semi­precious stones, met­als, and gems. Started in 2006, Aesa is inspired by Greek and Roman metal work­ing and is all hand made in Brook­lyn using com­bi­na­tions of gold, sil­ver, and bronze with black pearls, sap­phire, black dia­mond, tour­ma­line, and citrine. By incor­po­rat­ing inter­est­ing mate­ri­als with tra­di­tional stones and met­als, she hopes her designs will have a richer and more mod­ern feel than the aver­age piece of jewelry. From arrow­heads and jel­ly­fish to caviar nest of black pearls, Mates designs are truly opu­lent, on trend, and organic.

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