"I share my story through the art of scent. 1509 is inspired from my native home address in Los Angeles. These pure fragrance oils were created to heal, inspire and touch the lives of those they embrace. A few drops of these pure fragrance oils will dance on your skin, soothe and heal, evoke a memory while triggering emotion. An experience for the essence of both woman and man. To notice, to feel. To follow, to remember. Clean and delicate, captivating and true. Adapting naturally and differently to every unique individual, these oils become a part of your personal environment, becoming a part of your own intimate world. Our house was more than just a home, these oils are more than just a scent. Both have a breath, a touch, a feel and a voice that never goes unnoticed, their lives exist through the people they embrace. She still lives peacefully. Deep in the canyons and amongst the trees of our Los Angeles canyon. I share her now with you. Scents for ways we live. From the heart that still is 1509."


- Sophia Elisabeth Matthias, Creator