Winona Ryder, We Just Love You.

Posted: Aug 17 2016

1990. Frank Black sings, ‘Is she weird / Is she white / Is she promised to the night?’ That same year Winona Ryder starred in Edward Scissorhands and Mermaids, solidifying her as the decade’s delicate n’ dirty outsider/insider. Ms. Nonchalant Au Courant. The So-Fucking-What Snow White – black black hair, white white skin, red red lips – Winona was a hoyden pixie poster come to life, a stand-in for St. Joan with signature cropped chopped hair and sometimes starlet silhouette.

The epitome of chill, her endlessly chic smash-up of beat-down leather jackets and silky slinky slip dresses was unapologetic and iconocultic. Velvet chokers, ill-fitting 501s, dirty Docs, and Byrne-baby big suit tailoring. Winona was the nice naif rep for teen freaks and outcasts, injecting rebelliousness and romance into the roles of Beetlejuice’s goth doll Lydia Deetz,Heather’s bitch with a bomb Veronica Sawyer, Reality Bites’ minimalist twister in trousers Lelaina Pierce, and Girl, Interrupted’s suicidal Susanna in Frenchie beatnik boatnecks and blazers.

Accessories of Ryder’s include unlit cigarette, thrift store suitcase, kooky clutch, and, you know, Johnny Depp. Lady knows how to fill up her dance card with a legendary list of pretty boi actors, guitar geeks, Oscar winners, indie duhlings, and basic good-looking rich guys.

And what could be cooler than an arresting criminal phase remixed fashion moment; donning Marc Jacobs from kitsch headband to kitten heel for her 2002 shoplifting trial, followed by a subsequent Jacobs ad campaign where she’s photog’ed in a hotel room with sweater and scissors for snipping security tags. An instant classic from the grunge get, Winona Ryder, our Hepburn for hanging out.

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