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Thierry Mugler's 1981 Paris Apartment

Posted: Jul 19 2016

With our emphasis on vintage at Assembly, we continue to look at some of the influential designers inspiring so many of us today!

Thierry Mugler

Born: Strausbourg, France December 21 1948

Study:  Strausbourg School of Decorative Art

Books: Thierry Mugler, Photographe (1988) and Fashion Fetish Fantasy (1999)

Triumphs: First collection “Café De Paris” in 1973, first Paris boutique in 1978 at the Place des Victoires, first haute couture collection in 1992, director of George Michael’s “Too Funky” video, creator of Demi Moore’s famous black dress in “Indecent Proposal”


Aping the 80s? He’s the man who predicted power dressing, who’s body architecture worked wonders for the wonder woman, who’s silhouette was sexual and sculpted and sci-fi. Dynamic, precise, classical, masculine. He made shoulders. And now Thierry Mugler believes the world has become too sterile.



Don’t let a tour around his Paris apartment – bare to the point of blankness with a painterly dab of wall deco and the cleanest, most carefully cast objects – confuse his sentiment though. This is subtlety, not sterility. Fundamentals over fluffery.


“I am not trendy, I am not ‘in fashion’,” Thierry has pointedly said. Mugler’s distaste for furniture is obvious, as he has stripped and subtracted, making magic minimalism everywhere in his universe except perhaps his iconographic tailoring. Still, his obsessions remain the same: the naivety of Peter Pan, trompe l’oeil trickery, eye-level arrangement, minor metallics, frescoes from stage design friend Keso Dekker, a bedroom so pure it suggests nothing but sleep, that mattress with its plywood platform, the welcoming white, the luxury of light.



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