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Posted: Oct 28 2016

Smell starts at the back of the nose.  This whiff is first processed by the olfactory bulb, which has direct connections to two brain areas hugely involved with memory – brain areas that visual, auditory, and tactile info don’t pass through.  No wonder olfaction so effectively elicits emotions; just scheme a scent and you can split-second evoke a particular place, long-lapsed episode or event.



When you first inhale a new aroma, you link it to a person, a thing, a moment – chlorine with a swimming pool summer, cigars and bourbon with an after hours jazz club, vintage fur and moth balls with granny’s creaky closet. Smell is scintillating, majorly moving, and the perfume industry is constructed around this candid connection, with fragrances flourishing through feelings – desire, lust, power, energy, vitality, relaxation, calm. 



Smell is sex; kissing is believed to have developed from sniffing, pretty much our most primal behavior, smelling and tasting our partners to see if they ding a match.  And what does a scent say about a self? 



Wearing citrus such as orange, lemongrass, even Bergamot, means you’re clean n’ crisp n’ cool.  Citrus is efficiency, streamlined zest; the boldness is in the accessories, accents and details.  A preference for patchouli or musky musk is a vote for quality over quantity. 



Exotic, sensuous, warm and intimate – elegance with an attentive lover not a splashy and sordid soiree, keeping it classic, no trust for trends.  Nutmeg is a so what to seriousness, a sting of your spice.  Cinnamon is cheeky, coy.  The woods are not wild, but rather nuh-uh-nonsense. 



Don’t gotta try to be tough when you’re making it masculine.  Sandalwood will not be frivolous; cedarwood will be unadorned; amber wood will say what it thinks no matter who's listening.





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