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Silent Sound.. We See You

Posted: Nov 29 2016

Silent Sound is a very independent publishing company started by longtime Assembly friend Coley Brown. We hit Mr Brown with five quick questions to tell us about his newest releases (available in limited quantity here), the future of books and his dark places...

1. You started with photography before adding publisher to your resume, what was that process like?
With my photography, the project usually doesn’t seem finish until it’s made into a book. Otherwise, it’s just floating out there, or nowhere. When it becomes tangible, when you can hold it in your hands, that’s when it feels like OK I can show this to someone, or move on. When It comes to making books, It’s the most exciting and terrifying thing and I just get completely lost in it. After a while, about two years ago, I decided to try out being a publisher myself. I find I can be much more creative and fulfilled when I can think in terms of different disciplines and often times they overlap and influence each other. To have a platform to mix many of my passions together - design, music, etc - It’s truly exciting. 
2. There is great variety in these 3 newest books; questions like what a photograph can mean, how to use the camera, captured moments versus elaborately staged setups.. What are the common threads, if any? They seem very personal.
The other wonderful thing about having my own publishing label is to be able to shine the spotlight on other artists who’s work I admire deeply. The 3 new books are all so important to me. My book, Deeper Than Night, has been in the works for almost five years now and is a reflection on the void of the night. Olaf Breuning’s book is of his photography from the late 90’s to the mid 2000’s - I’ve been obsessed with this strange and wonderful work ever since I first saw it over 10 years ago. Lastly, Jim Mangan’s book Time of Nothing is this surreal journey through the sky, hovering above these intense landscapes in Utah. It’s an incredible experience to collaborate with these artists whose works have personally affected me so strongly, to create beautiful books with them that can be shared with the rest of the world. I think there is most definitely a thread going through everything, if you stand back and can look at it all together - If even through the design itself, It’s really just my favorite things. 
3. Your newest book is titled Deeper Than Night, whats the deepest, darkest place youve ever been? 
There’s a road in northern california by the coast that has this incredible viewpoint tucked away in these mountains but there is absolutely nothing else around you. I call it the end of the world. In May I took one last trip before finishing the book, driving solo up to Oregon from LA, and decided to find this road again. The road went on and on and I couldn’t find it… but I guess I found what I was looking for instead, this lonely quest in the night, this total mystery … I kept driving into the pitch darkness, up this windy road and with the trees looming above it was like I was falling through some kind of endless void. Eventually I turned around and went back out but it was completely terrifying and wonderful at the same time.
4. With so much recent technology and simulacrum, one could say books have remained pleasantly unchanged in their function and experience, what is the future of books?
I think a beautiful book feels more special now than ever, like I said, it’s something tangible. 
5. Do you eat dessert? 


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