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Posted: May 17 2018

Sight Unseen OFFSITE is an annual showcase of what’s new and next in contemporary design. This year’s show takes place May 17-20, with Assembly New York housing LLOT LLOV. llot llov presents the newest edition of OSIS: a series of small tables with the unique OSIS surface, on view next to their new hairy light, FRAN.


OSIS is a technique that stems from curiosity and radiates the playful components of its manual production process. llot llov transferred the effects of osmosis caused by salt onto wood. The surface is glazed monochrome or multi-color. Salt is spread on the wet surface in different techniques. Soon the natural process is starting. Salt has the talent to absorb liquids from its surrounding as well as collect the pigments of paint. When combined with birch wood, the salt draws the pigment into the natural flow of the grain, emphasizing the unique features of the original material. 


With their bulky silhouette and rustling fringes, the FRAN lights are reminiscent of a piñata. While their cable becomes the suspension string, their fluttering body is made of high-quality viscose fiber, a rayon based on cellulose. The fringe strands are fitted in layers and create a subtile bob or a bulky statement piece - depending on the amount of material. FRAN is available in four bold block colors (beige, red, green and black), that work on their own as as in monochrome or contrasting combinations as well. Despite their volumes the shades can be folded flat for shipment. The lights are handmade in Riga. Like the plant-hanger Lucille, FRAN is produced as part of a social project that gives young mothers the opportunity to work flexible hours.

Photo credits: Ender Suenni - Website llot llov: - Press Requests:
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