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Shoes In Art

Posted: Nov 03 2016

Devon Head currently works as a stylist in New York City.  Having put her bestest foot forward in British art history, Devon is a self-ascribed "men's shoe freak." She is also the curator of, where she quotes Roger Vivier and gives a feast for the feet and eyes to nearly 17k followers.  "To wear shoes on one's feet is to begin to give reality to one's dreams."
Do you have a foot fetish?


What's the most inspirational shoe era in art?

16th Century for men. Maybe 18th Century for women.  

What do buckles say about the boy?

Are they compensating for something else...

Pointey or square toe?

Pointey, for sure.

Favorite shoe designer?

Hmmm, tricky Celine or Hermes lace ups/brogues are always my favorites. I do love Anne Thomas though, especially her monk straps.

Down low on Manolo?

I love their classic styles.Their new shoes inspired by Malevich are wild, I love them.  That being said, I only have a really old pair that I bought at a yard sale.

How do you feel about men in fancy shoes/heels?

I think it’s dreamy, I have a lot of respect for men that wear fancy shoes or heels.

What do you look for specifically when finding the newest post?

Color, detail, how the shoes relate to the context.

What’s the last pair of shoes you bought?

These amazing velvet Prada pointed slides.

What’s a shoe trend that you hate?

high, high stilettos make me uncomfortable.
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