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Post Punk Redux

Posted: Oct 20 2016

Subversive rock humorists, stark minimalists, friends of funk and feedback, art school dropouts and intellectuals, abstract pop stars with wisdom, wit and a haunt of irony – these are the tell-tune signs of the mod revival scene. 


Rebels of lyrical repartee, notable New York bands Television, The Talking Heads, and Wire fanned the flames of a quiet riot in mid 70s fashion as they dressed down button-ups and tucked in timeless tees to belted, fitted jeans. 


Unlike their slim-suited, Beatle-booted Brit predecessors, the new mods kept it casual, preferring trash over flash and thrift over stiff.  They were poets with purpose - tall, thin, tutored and tasteful - playing in the black-n-bleak landscape of leather-jacketed and pierced punks.  Short-waisted workman wear zipped over a battered Hanes, hair floppy and fine; never proper preppy but not so mussed/fussed either.


It’s a look lineage for normcore, a smarmy wink to the Waspy rather than the spit-filled and spiteful middle finger of their DIY delinquent contemporaries.  Monochromatic solids and conventional cottons atop classic 501s said with a sarcastic sigh, “We’re over-educated and over education.” 


The way Tom Verlaine stretched out the shirt necks of his broken-in basics, his dingy blonde butt-cut.  How David Byrne pressed his plaids and polos then rocked a men’s regular.  And Colin Newman with his cool collar, peaking out from a sensitive sweater, paired with white sneakers and a matching white Ovation electric guitar. They belonged to the blank generation, and they could take it or leave it each time.


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