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Get Hacked

Posted: Oct 10 2016

Hackers, one of the most stylistically brilliant films of the 1990's, is about a bunch of chill teens who attend a New York City high school and casually use the internet to become tangled in a web of corporate conspiracies. The charmingly cheesy 1995 film gained cult status for it's lol portrayal of hacking subculture and American inner-city teenagers. On top of the suspenseful plot and unique slang dialect used, the characters are constantly decked out in next-level threads such as mismatched patterned tops and bottoms, bold graphic tees and goth-inspired ensembles. One of the best-dressed characters of the film is Kate Libby a.k.a. Ange Jolie who plays a hacking extraordinare tomboy megababe with exceptionally cool athleisure-meets-bondage personal style. We rounded up Miss Kate's top looks from the film, with her best quotes to go with. 

1. Quicksilver rash vest

Here Ange sports a surfy Quicksilver rashy (nowhere near the beach) and looks sick-as-hell doing it. She looks like Layne Beachly meets Winona Ryder. 

"If I win, you become my slave."

2. New Jersey Devils jersey

Ange reps NJ in this athletic look — her hockey jersey flaunting the Devil's logo. Most normal people would look like Kevin Smith in this get up, but Kate looks fashion inclined in a punk rock kinda way. 

" I hope you don't screw like you type."

2. Utility jumper 

In perhaps her most iconic look, Angelina wears this very functional and hacker-y onesie with lots of pockets to hold all her wireless modems and pagers. This bondage, prisoner-style suit is perhaps a comment on her illegal doings, but whatever... she looks tight. 

"Never send a boy to do a woman's job."

4. Silver trench

The iconic silver trench is so Y2K and reminds us of The Fifth Element or Sonya Blade from Mortal Combat on her day off. The structural jacket is paired with metallic lipstick — a futuristic and cyber look for Angelina. 

"You'll do shitwork, scan, crack copyrights."

5. Chill goth tee and harness

This ensemble screams Lara Croft, before Lara Croft even existed. A vintage-looking skull-and-crossbones tee with ominous text is paired with a military-inspired harness/suspender set, demonstrating her ability to kill the tomboy aesthetic. 

"Are you challenging me?"

6. Racing jacket

Fast and the Furious and goth-girl vibes collide with this look. A leather racing jacket is paired with a casual tee and a cute helix piercing sticking out from her pixie hair. 

"I don't do dates." 

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