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Dolores at Team Gallery

Posted: Sep 26 2016

"Dolores"  Team Gallery 83 Grand Street NYC / Sep 8 - Oct 9 / Samson YoungCatharine Czudej, Jessi Reaves, Max Hooper Schneider, and Anicka Yi

We interviewed Team Director Todd von Ammon about their current show. We strongly encourage you to go if you are in NY!


You organized this show, what was the impetus for this curation in particular.. Where was the starting point?

constraint #1 was to do a multi-person show with nothing on the walls. i also knew it had to be dimly lighted.


There are tripwires and loaded bear-traps positioned against beaded curtains and traditional dining chairs in this exhibition, elements of possible danger and fear in a disjointed domestic context, is home where the heart is and was anybody injured?
jasmine {sic} is a student of psychotherapy so discussions about it are an everyday thing. cognitive therapy and psychodynamics are two real points of interest for me—this notion of living organisms being "energy systems". i guess the challenge to psychodynamics is that humans get sad. a lot of friends who've seen the show have reported complicated feelings of sadness after visiting the show, which i suppose is the product of so many domestic signifiers. i don't mention anything like this in the press release because i insist on doing pointless shows.


Questions of self-preservation were raised through the forced experience (blinking gallery lights) and the voluntary (take an overstuffed seat if you like/dare), outside of obvious liabilities, how was viewer interaction intended? Viewer as delighted victim?
anicka's work is a real guidepost here. her whole practice challenges that "coded distance" implicit in a painting or other piece of "normal" art—don't get too close. art as "untouchable" is necessary to a degree but also just leads to widespread, culturally-sanctioned dullness. i wanted to make a show by anicka's lines (removal of coded distance) and give it the power—in some cases—to bite back.


In your opinion, how do trickery and humor play into art right now? 
if you can't tell, i really like sculpture. it's really hard to make a sculpture, sure. but the artist also has a vast toolkit of materials, dimensions, and visual lineages. doing something unexpected in a sculpture often leads to humor or trickery, simply because sculptures are not as socially conditioned as paintings or drawings. i feel like contemporary sculpture has the potential to feel as lively and louche as it did in 1917. that was kind of the plan with this show. 
Are you into astrology and how do you take your coffee?
the only thing i'm certain about is that the world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. i take my coffee light and sweet. 









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