Designer Spotlight: Ora-C!

Posted: May 11 2018

Launched in May 2015, ORA-C is a Montreal based independent jewelry brand created by designer Caroline Pham. Caroline meticulously fabricates every piece by hand in her Montreal studio as unique wearable artworks. Her pieces are delicate yet bold, featuring striking color compositions. While Caroline finds beauty in the imperfections of the handmade object, her work is grounded in the value of good craftsmanship. Colorful bead embroideries, hand woven ropes, sculpted bronze, sterling silver and multi-layered tassels don ORA-C’s ever developing collections. 

Who was most recent to impress you?

Men who stand up for women without doing it to impress others, but because they find it normal to do so. Women of color who are not afraid of standing up to the status quo. People who dedicate their lives to helping others. Those who think of work ethics before profits.

Do you have any personal habits in the studio you'd like to share? 

Especially in the winter, when I enter the studio I always change into some fabulous platform indoor shoes. Somehow it gets my creative juices flowing.

Does creating require destructing?

For sure, you need to destruct pre-existing ideas to reconstruct new ones. I often get inspired by my old work to organically flow into my new collections, so cutting to pieces my old designs (physically and figuratively) to reconstruct it differently is sure a part of my creative process.

What is your favorite environment to work in?

Spacious rooms with daylight, surrounded by plants and beautiful objects I might have gathered over time that inspire me, such as rock, shells, small sculptures, vintage knick knacks and books. Though my studio currently doesn’t necessarily fulfill all that. It can get real messy, and as I like to work late at night the day light is usually long gone. I guess you can’t always get what you hope for. But I’m working on it!

How important are goals to you?

They’re of some importance of course. But they don’t really drive me overall. I’m the kind of person who simply goes with the flow. Energy builds up as creativity takes over, and that is the most important drive to me. Goals are nice to help you direct your energy sometimes. But they should not blind you from enjoying the everyday experience of being side tracked into new paths you would not have explored otherwise.

Life is full of mysteries, what do you do when do you don't know what to do next? 

I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed by uncertainties, but as I have always been a freelancer, I constantly try to turn those moments into opportunities to looks for new projects and ideas that ultimately can propel my work or life forward. Whether it is in my current comfort zone or in something completely different. I kind of fancy the idea of living in new settings and working with new mediums in the near future. 


What’s your favorite piece of vintage right now?

This oversized men’s silk bomber jacket I got online in a warm dark ochre color I cannot stop wearing.


Shop the Ora-C collection here.

First portrait by, Schaël Marcéus. Lookbook images by, LMChabot.
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