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Carol Bove at David Zwirner

Posted: Nov 22 2016

Carol Bove at David Zwirner Gallery 525 West 19th Street New York, NY 10011, ends Dec 17th


For Carol Bove, time and space to experiment are essential elements of her artistic evolution.  “Your time is not a separate thing from you; it’s not an instrument.”  Bove believes it’s obscene to always have to order the life lived through a cost/benefit analysis.  The sculptress, currently showing her first New York solo show at the David Zwirner Gallery, even suggests that young artists eliminate the word “work” from their vocabulary in order to dissolve the labour/leisure dichotomy.


This makes us available to recognize invisible forces, as all that artists do and think funnels into their artwork.  Bove fuels this philosophy with self-exploration and risk-taking.  The commanding crunches of rusty, twisted salvaged scrapyard steel (mixed with pretty pop art painted portions) on display at Zwirner are far more massive than Bove’s previous productions. 



Working out of a factory-floor-like studio in Red Hook, the artist can finally obsess over how her pieces are experienced grouped together, as the immense structures have space to tower, tumble, transform.  Random raw materials make their way in as her spontaneity signals singularity and idiosyncrasy. 


Self-help, New Age, yoga, health food, hippie-trippy tools for the floaty boats are all embraced, investigated, and ultimately enveloped by Carol Bove as well as a fearlessness of failure.  A purpose for play and poetry.  And she wants you to view her sculptures with the same unconscious, unpremeditated delight and diversion she employed while creating them – the Zwirner Gallery walls are floor-to-ceiling washed in a uniform gray for a sense of suspension.  Feel free to follow Bove in flipping off faking it, to stop censoring yourself and step inside.










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