Bruce Nauman At Sperone Westwater til Oct 29

Posted: Sep 14 2016

Sperone Westwater Gallery in New York will present Contrapposto Studies until October 29, 2016.. We want you to go :) and this week's Journal can whet your appetite with some background and work not featured in the show..


Bruce Nauman – provocateur, innovator, comic, obsessive, absurdist – sets out to help the world by revealing mystic truths. “I don’t like to think about being an influence,” he has said, “It’s embarrassing.” The prominent Post-Minimalist American artist cannot be caged or confined by material, style, or theme as his vast versatile work dada’s through diverse mediums: film, printmaking, performance, installation, sculpture, video.



Realizing and researching since the early 70s, Nauman examines everyday scenes, speech, and stuff, separate from the art world and shaped by a personal interest in ethics and politics. It’s life in all its routine, repetitious detail, the weird and wild ways an activity or process can transform or develop into a creative work.



The resonance of an audience, artist or culture, the notion of clandestiny and unavailability, the effects of disorientation, the limitation of spectator participation – these are the sometimes coarse, subtly civic, and spiritual subtexts of Bruce Nauman. He is a maker who maps the human arc, that birth-to-death journey filled with humor, frustration, fanatic behavior, and an oftentimes impossible desire to communicate through a slipshod system of ciphers and signs.



Over four plus decades, the artist has become an unavoidable influencer. There have been more and less legible neon scribbles, casts of the space beneath chairs, molds made from parts of his own body, enactments of exaggerated walking and face painting.



Bruce Nauman lunges from the lineage of Duchamp and Wittgenstein, all joker-philosophers with distinct attitudes about language, how words either succeed/support or flail/fail in referring to art and articles. Can anyone explain his or her ideas evidently and effectively? The epic question inside both Nauman’s objects/objectives and ourselves as we all embarrass with expression.



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