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Q&A With Artist Csilla Klenyánszki

Posted: Aug 19 2015

Born In Budapest in 1986 and now residing in Rotterdam, Csilla's work caught our eye with it's powerful arrangements of objects and thoughts. There is a cinematic, if not dramatic, touch to the modern surrealist demi-worlds that Klenyánszki's work portrays. For our fw15 Assembly Collection we were inspired by type of quiet authority Csilla's work exudes; she shares her time with us graciously for some light probing..


What are you most excited about right now in your life?

I just gave birth (9th of August) to my son, so that's pretty exciting right now. We didn't expect him to be born before September, so it was definitely a surprise. He seems to be fine though; he is just an early bird.

Are there any sentimental tattoos you have or jewellery/articles, you wear regularly?

I got a tiny, very minimalistic elephant (a bigger and a smaller elephant following each other) pendant a half a year ago, which I have been wearing since than.

Are you close with your family?

Geographically we are far from each other; I am Hungarian, but I live in the Netherlands for 8 years now, as I have studied photography here, meanwhile my parents, brother and bigger family lives in Hungary. I try to go home as often as possible and I find it important that my son will know his roots, so I guess we will visit more often. The father of my son is from Colombia; his family lives there, which means that we don't have relatives where we live, so it is important that we can somehow "bring" our family here, even if it's only virtual, but we will try to go to both countries as much as possible to give the chance to our son to know his relatives. 

Is your horoscope typically true for you?

My astrological sign is Pisces; I sure do like water... They say that Pisces tend to be highly emotional and sensitive, which can be true, although I have no idea whether I would be different if I was born on a different day or month.

Do you have a favourite season, why? 

Spring, definitely...late spring, just before summer, when you can either wear a sweater, or just a light dress, it is your own decision; the weather doesn't force you to wear something specific, because it's too hot or too cold.

What are some of your favorite smells?

Love the smell of the blooming Lilac.

Which parts of life do you find most challenging?

Well, I guess motherhood will be the most challenging from now on...

The other thing I find pretty challenging in my life is my work; there are no rules or manuals within the arts, you have to reinvent yourself and your work on a daily basis, which can be confronting and sometimes really hard to achieve.

What inspires you to be creative?

There is nothing specific really. My working process is really intuitive, right now I am working on a water based project, so I get inspired by little or even banal things, like bubbles, fountains, bottles, related to that. Balance - in it's physical but also in it's philosophical term - definitely has a strong impact on my work; "joggling" for example is a thing I relay on from time to time.

How do you know when you really like something?

If I finally make something I am satisfied with then I usually have a "yes, this is it!" moment. However it takes a long time to get there and unfortunately this feeling doesn't last long. Then it's already time to move on to the next thing. 

How important are coincidences and mistakes?

Coincidences and mistakes are the ones that can make something special or lead to something really interesting and unexpected, so they are key elements of my process for sure. However I cannot relay on coincidences only, so it has to be in a good balance with a structured work.

Many see Duchamp’s work as pivotal in changing the rules of materials and expectation and the art-making process, does the idea of ready-made  and appropriation apply to your work?

My work is based on existing (ready made) objects. I use them for my installations and images; it can be seen as a game, with simple techniques I try to transform and change their meaning, try to play with them.

Are there ways in which religion, science, superstition, or intuition factor into your work?

Lately I am obsessed with "science experiments for kids", which I try to integrate into my work, so it can be seen as some kind of kitchen chemistry I guess. 

Anything you want to confess?

Sometimes want to stop...



More of Csilla Klenyánszki's work can been seen HERE on her site

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