Fall Editorial by Michael Elijah, Anna Santangelo & Ava Nirui

Posted: Aug 10 2015

Clothing can be used to deceive, conceal and mislead. Autumnal seasons ask us to cover our bodies, mask our identities and dress not just for ourselves, but also as a shield against the elements. Through the required layering and substantial fabrics winter requires, beauty can become less literal and more mysterious. This season is quietly combining the idea of realistic and functional urban uniforms with the light touches of disguise and protection found in varied costumes from Tuareg nomads to cat burglars and cowboys.



1. Assembly White Shirt Dress, Ruiz Stephinson Shirt 

2. Right: 

Dimes Tee (coming soon), Assembly Ribbed Knit Leggings 

3. Left: 

Assembly Grey Long Coat 

4. Assembly Ribbed Maxi Dress

5. Right:

Assembly Ribbed Knit Top, Assembly Ribbed Knit Leggings 

8. Assembly New York Logo Tee 


Photography: Michael Elijah

Fashion: Ava Nirui & Anna Santangelo

Model: Anna Santangelo


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