Q&A with Actor Sheila Vand

Posted: Aug 11 2015

Breakout actress Sheila Vand is as experimental as it gets. Landing a small role in Ben Affleck's acclaimed film Argo, Vand starred in a bizarrely awesome  American-Iranian 2014 Indie film called A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night — a film about a blood-sucking, chador-wearing vampire who stalks her local townspeople. We chatted with the actress and Assembly enthusiast about Elaine Benes styles, the universe and dancing shoes.

Are you close with your family?

Hell ya. Blood in, blood out.

What was your first memorable outfit or look?

I dressed exactly like Elaine Benes til I was 6, and then i discovered the baggy sweater.

Is your horoscope typically true for you?

I'm truly not that judge-y....until I meet someone who's into astrology.


What approach would you use to inhibit war?

War is inevitable as power and greed are inextricable. But, let's talk about gun policy, which kills more Americans than terrorism ever has. 

Any feelings on reggae?

It's hella chill brah. Me is a real bloodclot shotta.

Which parts of life do you find most challenging?

Living. the universe is fucking terrifying. How do you people ignore that? 


What's up with shoes?

I really like shoes! but only if you can dance in them.

What gets you inspired to be creative?

Restlessness. Survival? I get very destructive when i'm not creative.

How do you know when you really like something?

I start to talk too much.


Sheila wearing Assembly multitop to her premiere, see the entire Assembly Collection HERE

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