Assembly Recommends...Adopt A Meteorite in LA

Posted: Jun 08 2016

What are you doing next weekend? Have you ever been to the Natural History Museum in LA? How about inside Gem and Mineral Hall?

If, after exploring the show you're left longing for jewels to call your own, we have some good ones here! And if you're left missing the stones you saw, you can follow the very cool Instagram of the Gem and Mineral Hall here!

The Gem and Mineral Hall contains around 150,000 specimens, including more than 140,000 minerals, 3,000 rocks, 3,000 gems, and 50 meteorites! Nearly half of all of the specimens that we know about are represented. It's held in two large galleries--and is considered to be one of the best gem exhibitions in the world.

There are tons of stones, rocks, and meteorites from all over the world, as well a huge collection of gems and minerals that are native to California. There's even a collection of “touch specimens” that you can touch and interact with. 

The Mineral Sciences Department's vast collection of minerals, rocks, gems, and ores even contains a secret, usually-out-of-bounds room!

There's even an Adopt-A-Mineral program, which allows you, as the museum says, to support the museum while also having "your name in the lights". If you make a contribution equivalent to the current estimated value of the specimen, you can adopt a stone--permanently. Not too good to be true--contact the Gem & Mineral Council for more info--there are some good specimens available. 

You can adopt a lunar meteorite


A Martian Meteorite! Literally a piece of Mars

A quartz / amethyst specimen found in the Californian part of Hallelujah junction

A ruby-bearing rock from California

A Pakistani Triplite--insanely trippy and rare




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