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Interview with Maria Minerva

Posted: Mar 20 2015

Some stereotypes can be advantageous. Being raised in America, when I hear Estonia I think "babes". It may not be the most in-depth synopsis of an entire country, but in today's political climate it sure beats war-monger or terrorists. Yes, musician Maria Juur (MInerva) is from Estonia and, yes, she is a babe but we know and love her for importing a personal, new sound and beautiful approach to building ethereal soundscapes. A quick look on her wikipedia page and the full spectrum of Maria's cultural contributions as a humorist and tv personality unfolds. There are many layers to this multidisciplinary artist now living in LA and signed to infamous independent label Not Not Fun, her work is to be experienced and not explained..

Maria Minerva Playlist


What are you most excited about right now in your life?

Car. my new frenemy. couldn't do without one in LA any longer and so a whole new world has suddenly opened up for me, which means shopping for replacement parts online, trying to figure out if a mechanic can be trusted, observing the always-on-the-rise california gas prices and etc. and yet - nothing beats a joyride on a sunny day with music blasting.

Are there any sentimental jewelry, articles, (tattoo?) you wear regularly?

A black wooden ring these lovely folks gave me as a present somewhere in Germany.
My high school ring that looks like an ecstasy tablet...
but overall, do not really like jewelry. no tattoos either. im a prude!


Are you close with your family?

Yes, super duper close both with my mom and dad. they live in tallinn, estonia, so we skype whenever possible and I am just really obsessed with my parents. main reason why I sometimes think of moving back home is because I just wanna be able to go for dinner at my dad's on a sunday.

Whats your first memorable outfit or look?

As a teenager, I got really into thrift stores and had all these weird phases, in 10th grade there was a phase when I only wore silver, followed by a lime green phase. fortunately no photos from that time. better channel the flair for experimentation into music...


Any feelings on reggae?

Positive feelings.. dub reggae tho

What are some of your favorite smells?

My boyfriend's perfume, by Diptyque

Which parts of life do you find most challenging?

All of them, being an adult sucks, time to go back to grad school i feel and hide from life

What do your clothes mean to you?

Clothes are hard, in la i only weird trashy skimpy clothes cos its hot here all the time. id like to wear more jackets but rly - its too hot. so basically always trying to figure out how to have a tiny bit of style in this climate, seems like most of the ppl in the city have given up trying.

What gets you inspired to be creative?

Being bored, being burdened, being blessed


View the Assembly ss15 Collection here, designed in the studio with Maria on heavy rotation..






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