JD Samson Interview

Posted: Mar 07 2015

A career is a difficult and tedious thing to maintain. A creative career can be the worst.. continually challenging yourself to be honest, or even more honest, all the while needing the approval of the public. Any artist, musician, creator involves themself in a craft as a way to be loved; whether it be masturbatory or as an open invitation to the world.

Change is probably the most vital element to growing creatively, and how the artist can negotiate and incorporate change into their work is typically the lifeblood of their enterprise. The artist's relationship to change itself is perhaps the retinal struggle we see most coming through most in their art or music.

A creative career is a personal journey with a public audience. Growing up in Oregon listening to bands like Team Dresch and LeTigre on rainy afternoons looking for dry places to skate, it was fun for me to ask someone I've always considered an intellectual and innovative social contributor some not-so-penetrating questions. You can get deep with JD's newest band MEN here (listen, soo good) and educate yourself a bit more with biography here, meanwhile:


what are you most excited about right now in your life?
Wow that's a good question. I guess I feel most happy and excited to be throwing my party, PAT. Its a monthly dance party at Union Pool in Brooklyn that spans all areas of the space. I wanted to throw a party that DJ's wanted to play, and somehow that has done exactly what I expected, everyone has the best time! When DJ's have fun, everyone seems to just vibe off of them, and the place is full of smiles. Totally ecstatic.

are there any sentimental jewelry, articles, (tattoo?) you wear regularly?
I have an old vintage chain that the gold is rubbing off of (haha). But on it there are 3 charms I wear every single day, even in the shower. One is a half of a heart I share with my grandma. And the second is a ladder I got in mexico city that represents the "tools" i have for getting through rough times. Then i have a really awesome peridot gemstone that my fiance's great grandma wore. Her grandma was kinda "butch" and never ever wore jewelry except this one charm, she wore it when she worked on her farm in Virginia and my fiance's mother gave it to me for Xmas a few years ago. Super cool.

are you close with your family?
I am really close with my family, actually. My cousin is my best friend. He lives in NYC too and is gay. Our spiritual advisor said we were attached by a cord. My grandma, who I call "Nana" is probably the most important person in my life. Her hairstyle is amazing. I see my mom and my sister and her kids a few times a year, and I really appreciate all the lessons I have learned from being close to them now that my angst ridden years are over. I was a brat when I was a teenage punk.

whats your first memorable outfit or look?
Hmm. Well I guess I remember NOT wanting to wear a specific outfit on my Aunt Cindy's wedding day. My mom wanted me to wear a multi color seer sucker tent dress and I was not having it. so I kept throwing it down the laundry chute and she would go get it and put it back on me and i would throw it back down over and over again while having a tantrum.

is your horoscope typically true for you?
Yes. but i'm super gullible.

do you have a favorite season, why?
Summer. i'm a summer baby. i love the heat. i love sweating. and i love being tan.

what approach would you use to inhibit war?
Somehow break its ties to our economy

any feelings on reggae?
Love it. for the most part.

what are some of your favorite smells?
Laundry coming out of an apartment building, good coffee in the morning, the rainforest, australian eucalyptus growing in the wild.

which parts of life do you find most challenging?
Being good with money.

what do your clothes mean to you?
They are my history. my path. my journey. my personality.

do you like to make your own food? ... favorites?
I LOVE cooking. some of my best dishes are...
1. Peas Noodles and Ham
2. Fancy Meatloaf
3. Spaghetti and Meatballs
Haha! So midwestern!!!

anything you want to confess?
I'm kind of a loner

any memorable experiences attending a concert?
When I was 12 I went to see Gun's N Roses and the girl sitting next to me was really drunk and it made me really freaked out. I will never forget that moment.

whats up with shoes?
Omg shoes. I love shoes. But I don't wear 3/4 of the ones I have.

what gets you inspired to be creative?
Being without my computer.

how do you know when you really like something?
The nails on my ring fingers hurt really bad

dream vacation.. where are you and what are you doing?
I just went on it! i went to costa rica to an eco-lodge and I saw so many animals in the wild and had no cell service and hiked and swam and did so many amazing strenuous activities. my body, my brain, the planet!


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