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Assembly Interviews...Dani From Clyde!

Posted: Apr 25 2016

We love Clyde for their handmade-in-New-York, structural hats and soft, roomy leather bags--and we love Dani, the label's founder, designer, and former Assembly buyer (among other things....)!! Shop the collection here, and read about Dani's favorite songs, snacks, and places below!

Hi Dani!

You spend a lot of your time in Jamaica--what do you love about the place?

Jamaica has a vibrance that I haven't experienced anywhere else in the world. The music scene is diverse and thriving. The land itself is magical and fertile. Every time I go there there's a new batch of fruit in season, much of which I've never tried before. Seafood is everywhere and caught daily, and the ital (vegetarian) food is soulful, freshly spiced and unsalted. There's also no time of year that you need to wear a jacket. I once met a man there who said that he owns one jacket and he leaves it in Toronto with family who live there.

Would you ever live there? Or anywhere outside of New York?

One day you'll probably find me living in a shack in the hills of Jamaica, but for now New York is home. CLYDE lives and thrives in New York, but I travel allot to gain inspiration. If I wasn't in New York though I might be living back in my home city of Vancouver. 


Do you like tattoos? Do you have any?

 I have a microscopic tattoo of Dave Chapelle's face between my fourth toe and pinky toe on my left foot. I soon hope to get Katt Williams face on the right. 

Who are your favorite artists?

 Tauba Aurbach, Lele Saveri, Eli Bronowski, Maya Beaudry, Georgia O'Keeffe


What’s your astrological sign and do you think that your personality is a reflection of it?

Aries is my astrological sign. I identify with it in the sense that I enjoy getting things up and rolling. I'm also really independent, logical and I like to stay on the move. I think those are Aries traits? Haha.

What is Clyde about? Who is it for?

CLYDE is a collection of hats and leather goods made to make people feel more like themselves. By people I mean anyone really, anyone who identifies with the piece or what we do. 

The hats and bags are designed using the highest quality materials possible and are made to adapt to the wearers lifestyle and help them along each day. I hope for each piece that we make to have a long lived, exciting and full life. 

Where are your five favorite places to go (in any city)?

The mountains in Vancouver

Cielo in the West Village on Wednesdays or Sundays (The best sound system I've ever heard, and I've heard a few... ) 

Moku Moku Japanese restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn for the Mazamen. They make their noodles fresh. This is my heaven food.

My partner Tony's studio

The Standard Spa, Miami 

What do you listen to while in the studio? 

I listen to allot of good old fashion radio. 107.5 WBLS in New York is such a great radio station. They play R&B classics, Soul, House, Hip Hop ect. from the 70's to current time. The programming is dynamic and intelligent. Check out 'The Quiet Storm' with Lenny Green weeknights from 7pm - 12am, he's the 'Love Man' who explores questions in love and life. Be Schooled. 

Will you please pick five songs that we should listen to right now? 

Soul 4 Real - Candy Rain

Slick Rick feat. Outkast - Street Talkin'

Beenie Man feat. Mya - Girls Dem Sugar

Maze - Joy and Pain 

Delegation - Oh Honey


What do you find to be the most important thing in life to devote your focus and energy towards?

To find balance in work and life. To be present with family (birth and chosen). To enjoy the gift of time we've been given here on earth! What a miracle! 


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