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A Feast for the Eyes: Four Short-Term Museum Exhibitions To See Between Shows At Paris Fashion Week

Posted: Mar 03 2016

We planned out a week of snacks--from the Basquiat Pizza at Pink Flamingo to tapas at Le Mary Celeste--for you to have during Paris Fashion Week, according to the gleaming recommendations of a few designers that we happen to trust. But you'll also probably also need visual snacks, so we've selected a few short-term exhibitions taking place in Paris and running through fashion week for you to get to 

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Un: Head to Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain to view the first European retrospective of the work of Fernell Franco, a major yet still under the radar Latin American photographer. Franco was a photojournalist when he began working on his moody personal collection, which bleeds into a broader cultural context and examines the vibrant, collaboration-heavy art scene that emerged in Cali at the beginning of the ‘70s. 

Deux: Karl Lagerfeld once said that although his profession was in fashion, his interest was in the ephemeral. So outside of the hours he spent working on his--let’s call it “day job,” he also took a worked on a series of photographs, which you can see at "Voltaire The exhibition Karl Lagerfeld, A Visual Journey. The subjects of the photographs are varied--Lagerfeld captured architecture, landscapes, Paris, people (including himself), fashion, and abstraction--and according to the subject, he adapted his technical techniques and processes, playing with factors like exposure time and printing techniques and working with daguerreotypes, platinotypes, Polaroid image transfers, résinotypes, Fresson prints, serigraphs and digital prints. Some of the images look sort of like what you'd expect them to, while others, like the print below, may surprise you.

Trois: The Archaeological Crypt of Notre Dame has been closed to the public since the ‘80s. A shame. But not in vain: they’ve been busy renovating. And now you can see the remains preserved in the crypt, within a broader architectural and historical context. Every building and structure has been reproduced in a miniature form, which is both cute and informative.

Quatre: At the tail end of the week, the much loved Musée de Picasso is opening an exhibition of Picasso’s sculptures, emphasizing the multiple dimensions of variations, fonts, prints and enlargements made from a selection of original carvings. the works will be presented with the cast iron creations already at Musée national Picasso-Paris, presented as “doubles” or “variants.”


Cinq: A new-ish show at the Musee du Louvre called “Founding Myths” explores the ways in which artists of every trade and from every time have drawn inspiration from myths. It looks at how artists have interpreted spoken, written, and illustrated myths and then appropriated and transformed them into entirely new works, which then take on their own sets of meaning. Through 70 works you'll pass through Greek, Egyptian, and Islamic civilizations, eventually making your way to studies on Jean Cocteau and Japanese manga.


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