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  • Angkor Wat?

    Wednesday Apr 05 2017

    “There’s a feeling I get when I look to the West,” Robert Plant sang, and that feeling was death, as any temple facing west exists essentially as a tomb.  Khmer...

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  • Csilla Klenyanszki

    Tuesday Mar 14 2017

    Pillars of home’ are one hundred – 30 minutes long – balancing sculptures by Csilla Klenyánszki The floor-to-ceiling constructions relay on their own inner stability while being framed only by...

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  • Get Sonic With John Cage

    Thursday Mar 02 2017

    John Cage – avant guardian and chance enhancer - found fluidity between performance and painting, music and movement, headspace and hymn.  The composer socked sixties sound structure by proving false...

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  • Sol Lewitt Owns the Mona Lisa

    Sunday Feb 12 2017

    Imagine the artist purely as an agent of ideas.  Sol Lewitt moved modern to post-modern with just this sentiment, proposing that the conceptual artist is not a con man but...

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  • The Thirteen Club

    Sunday Jan 29 2017

    Jason by Crystal Lake, stalking.  A famed floor of the building that may or may not hold a portal to hell.  The only unsuccessful moon mission… Triskaidephobia is a freaked-out...

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  • Cristine Brache at Assembly New York

    Wednesday Jan 25 2017

      Cristine Brache  "i am a public place"   As part of our ongoing window installation series with Todd von Ammon / Team Gallery, we will present Cristine Brache's most...

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  • The Women of David Lynch

    Thursday Jan 19 2017

    The king of cryptic cinematography David Lynch creates surreal landscapes and absurdist characters to match — his films are a reflection of a life that, as he says, "doesn't make sense."...

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  • The Bones Brigade

    Monday Jan 16 2017

      Skateboarding is not a crime, pioneers Powell Peralta will tell you before they kickflip you for real.  In the late 70s, Stanford grad and aerospace engineer George Powell was...

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  • Sonic Youth's Collaborations

    Wednesday Jan 11 2017

    DIRTY Michael "Mike" Kelley (October 27, 1954 –  January 31, 2012) was an American artist. His work involved found objects, textile banners, drawings, assemblage, collage, performance and video. He often worked...

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  • Larry Clark's Jaded Suburbia

    Wednesday Jan 04 2017

    Behind closed doors, people lead lives more complicated and confronting than we know. Photographer, artist and visual poet Larry Clark was responsible for creating films and images that perfectly capture human...

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  • Charles Ray

    Tuesday Dec 27 2016

    Larger than life, longer than legs, Charles Ray’s lioness in Lancome and Lord and Taylor stands at ninety-six inches, her manicured mannequin hands propped proudly on her pink power-suited hips. ...

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  • Bactrian Gold

    Tuesday Dec 20 2016

    All that glitters in Tillya Tepe is gold.  The archaeological site in Northern Afghanistan – truly translated to “Golden Hill” – is the dirty digs of six burial mounds where...

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  • Less Than Zero / Bret Easton Ellis

    Tuesday Dec 13 2016

    Lit Bad Boy, Leader of the paperback Brat Pack, self-proclaimed satirist, self-mythologizing persona player, minimalist, controversialist.  19 year-old Bret Easton Ellis became the ultimate mid-80s wordsmith of whatever when the...

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  • Elias Hansen at Assembly New York

    Tuesday Dec 06 2016

    Elias Hansen     -    Assembly New York, 170 Ludlow St 10002 Dec 9 - Jan 24 Please Join Us for the Opening Dec9 6-8pm  !      ...

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  • Take Me to Mr Chows

    Monday Dec 05 2016

    Knightsbridge, London, Valentine’s Day, 1968.  The son of a Chinese Peking Opera Grand Master named Michael Chow converts a curry house into a ritz restaurant called Mr. Chow, where the...

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  • Silent Sound.. We See You

    Tuesday Nov 29 2016

    Silent Sound is a very independent publishing company started by longtime Assembly friend Coley Brown. We hit Mr Brown with five quick questions to tell us about his newest releases...

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  • Carol Bove at David Zwirner

    Tuesday Nov 22 2016

    Carol Bove at David Zwirner Gallery 525 West 19th Street New York, NY 10011, ends Dec 17th   For Carol Bove, time and space to experiment are essential elements of her artistic...

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  • Donald Judd

    Tuesday Nov 15 2016

    Punk Painter Rules, Numbers 1 through 3: dismiss tradition, reject reliance on the self-referential, and free your work from emotion.  American Minimalist artist Donald Judd (1928-1994) saw no place for...

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  • Going For It: Secos Y Molhados

    Thursday Nov 10 2016

    Shirtless, beaded, braided, bedecked with trinkets and totems, leathered, feathered, and face-painted white with black-ringed eyes.  Ney Matogrosso was Rocky before his Horrorful Show, Simmons before he could Kiss, a...

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  • Shoes In Art

    Thursday Nov 03 2016

    Devon Head currently works as a stylist in New York City.  Having put her bestest foot forward in British art history, Devon is a self-ascribed "men's shoe freak." She is...

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  • Halloween Playlist

    Monday Oct 31 2016

          Hey You Little Spooks! Here's some hits from the grave to keep you undead this Halloween...            

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  • Smelling

    Friday Oct 28 2016

    Smell starts at the back of the nose.  This whiff is first processed by the olfactory bulb, which has direct connections to two brain areas hugely involved with memory –...

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  • Post Punk Redux

    Thursday Oct 20 2016

    Subversive rock humorists, stark minimalists, friends of funk and feedback, art school dropouts and intellectuals, abstract pop stars with wisdom, wit and a haunt of irony – these are the...

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  • The Color Black

    Friday Oct 14 2016

    According to color psychology, black absorbs negative energy.  Black relates to the hidden, the secretive and unknown.  No longer for the simply sad, black is poetic, rich with texture, a...

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  • Get Hacked

    Monday Oct 10 2016

    Hackers, one of the most stylistically brilliant films of the 1990's, is about a bunch of chill teens who attend a New York City high school and casually use the internet...

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  • Raw Icon : PJ Harvey

    Thursday Sep 29 2016

    Unshaven and unfussy in her underwear, writhing with revolting elegance, she’s a pin-up punk in smeared make-up theatricality, a self-proclaimed once Joan Crawford on acid.  Polly Jean Harvey’s sarcastic sartorial...

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  • Dolores at Team Gallery

    Monday Sep 26 2016

    "Dolores"  Team Gallery 83 Grand Street NYC / Sep 8 - Oct 9 / Samson Young, Catharine Czudej, Jessi Reaves, Max Hooper Schneider, and Anicka Yi We interviewed Team Director Todd von Ammon...

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  • Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore

    Thursday Sep 22 2016

    Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (Mark Leckey)    Mark Leckey, 1999 Leckey is best known for his exhibition Industrial Light & Magic, which won the 2008 Turner prize. He had first...

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  • Buffalo and Ray Petri's Era Defining Style

    Wednesday Sep 21 2016

    In the early 80s, there were fashion editors, clothing designers, costumers, yes, but no definitive job titles describing the artistic director of an editorial “look.” Ray Petri (1948-1989) was a...

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  • Bruce Nauman At Sperone Westwater til Oct 29

    Wednesday Sep 14 2016

    Sperone Westwater Gallery in New York will present Contrapposto Studies until October 29, 2016.. We want you to go :) and this week's Journal can whet your appetite with some background...

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  • Meditation

    Monday Sep 12 2016

    Understand your own mind, train it, employ effort to clear, calm and quiet it. Meditation is practice, the promotion of patience and relaxation. Build life force and inner space and...

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  • Peggy Guggenheim's Venice Estate

    Tuesday Aug 30 2016

    The Grand Canal laps and licks at the stilts beneath the white Istrian stone of Peggy Guggenheim’s magnificent unfinished Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, begun in the 1750s by architect Lorenzo...

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  • Cy Twombly In Rome

    Tuesday Aug 23 2016

    Cy Twombly’s scribblings, scratches, and smears personify the liberating and impromptu Abstract Expressionist movement-of-movement. A whimsical whirl of pencil, paint, and crayon suggesting letters, language, and numbers, a Twombly canvas...

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  • Winona Ryder, We Just Love You.

    Wednesday Aug 17 2016

    1990. Frank Black sings, ‘Is she weird / Is she white / Is she promised to the night?’ That same year Winona Ryder starred in Edward Scissorhands and Mermaids, solidifying...

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  • Tom Sachs Boombox Retrospective (1999-2016)

    Thursday Aug 11 2016

    The king of the New York City "DIY" art movement Tom Sachs is displaying his series of "tech-meets-art" works at the Brooklyn Museum until the 14th of August, 2016. The...

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  • Top 10 Olympic Fashion Moments

    Friday Aug 05 2016

    The line between sport and fashion is a thin one, with so many athletes, performers and spectators serving major style moments since the first Olympic ceremony in 1896. We count...

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  • Get The "Keanu" Look

    Wednesday Aug 03 2016

    Arguably the most cultish underground celeb Keanu Reeves may not be the best actor per se, but he sure knows how to serve up some killer looks on screen. From the...

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  • Not Vital's Private Island

    Monday Jul 25 2016

    Call him a materialist. An impressionist. An objectifier. Swiss sculptor and painter Not Vital (b. 1948) is a culture collaborator, a sensual symbolist, and an expert experiencer whose surreal work...

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  • Thierry Mugler's 1981 Paris Apartment

    Tuesday Jul 19 2016

    With our emphasis on vintage at Assembly, we continue to look at some of the influential designers inspiring so many of us today! Thierry Mugler Born: Strausbourg, France December 21...

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  • Assembly Mens Spring 17 Presentation

    Friday Jul 15 2016

      With a full crew of dreadlocked models, Assembly took the stage at the CFDA-sponsored Cadillac House July 13th, 2016. Presenting a well edited collection of menswear showcasing hand-dyed vintage...

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  • True Icon; Susan Sontag

    Tuesday Jul 05 2016

    The shock white streak in her coarse black hair reflected her iconoclastic cred; for Susan Sontag culture was controversy, the political personal, and opposition obviously necessary.  Activist, teacher, writer, filmmaker....

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  • Assembly Interviews...Momo and Alexander Of Black Crane

    Monday Jun 27 2016

    Assembly: Black Crane is inspired by your Japanese roots, by ancient Japanese culture and civilization--how does this translate into your design process? Black Crane: Our design aesthetic have been influenced by...

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  • Summer Solstice Myths!!!!

    Friday Jun 24 2016

      Happy Summer!  It's already getting darker earlier now--but that's ok! A solstice happens when the sun's zenith is as far as possible from the equator, which, on the June solstice, is...

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  • Dads With Great Style

    Wednesday Jun 15 2016

    Happy Father's Day Happy Father's Day Happy Father's Day  Happy Father's Day Happy Father's Day Happy Father's Day  Happy Father's Day Happy Father's Day Happy Father's Day  Happy Father's Day...

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  • Assembly Recommends...Adopt A Meteorite in LA

    Wednesday Jun 08 2016

    What are you doing next weekend? Have you ever been to the Natural History Museum in LA? How about inside Gem and Mineral Hall? If, after exploring the show you're left longing for...

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  • What Is Ortolan Bunting?

    Friday May 27 2016

    The ortolan bunting is a bird—similar to a finch. And they have quite a post-life life. When they migrate to Africa, they’re caught and captured via net and then kept...

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  • Assembly Spring Editorial

    Thursday May 19 2016

      Cotton Maxidress   Denim Patchwork Shift Dress / Crepe Twist Top / Baggy Shorts     Printed Sleeveless Top / Printed Noncollar Shirt / Cotton Maxidress     The Cotton...

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  • The Scary Truth And Facts Of Friday The 13th!!!!

    Thursday May 12 2016

    Happy Friday The Thirteenth!!!! Happy Friday The Thirteenth!!!!   Happy Friday The Thirteenth!!!!   Happy Friday The Thirteenth!!!!   Happy Friday The Thirteenth!!!!   Happy Friday The Thirteenth!!!!   Happy...

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